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Julia Donaldson Day (Part 1)

Doors: 12pm
Start Time: 12:15pm
Shown on our 14ft screen


  • Ticket TypeCostQuantity
  • Unreserved Seating £2
  • Table For 6 (Low Table) £12 Sold out
  • Table For 4 (Low Table) £8 Sold out
  • Table For 6 (High Table) £12 Sold out
  • Table For 3 (High Table) £6 Sold out
  • Table For 2 (High Table) £4 Sold out
The Highway Rat

Life is not safe for the other animals, as the villainous Highway Rat gallops along the highway, stealing their food. Clover from a rabbit; nuts from a squirrel – he even steals his own horse’s hay. Will he finally meet his comeuppance, in the form of a cunning duck?



Superworm is a hero with a difference. Super-long and super-strong, he’s always on hand to help out all the other animals and insects – whether he’s saving baby toad from an accident, rescuing beetle from falling down a well, or even good-naturedly offering himself up as a skipping rope for some bored bees.


The Smeds & The Smoos

The Smeds (who are red) never mix with the Smoos (who are blue). So when a young Smed and Smoo fall in love, their families strongly disapprove. But peace is restored and love conquers all in this happiest of love stories. There’s even a gorgeous purple baby to celebrate!


After a few successful Julia Donaldson days and some feedback from customers. We are happy to announce that they will be back on next half term (April 4th) But now showing 3 movies instead of 5. The main feedback we had was that 5 were simply to many.

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